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Can Money Buy Happiness?

What do you think? Can money buy happiness? I think to some extent that it can. That's what episode 42 is all about. We cover some great topics in this episode and really get into the conversation about why money is important and can leave you unhappy.

I'd like to elaborate on the money talking points from this week with some of my own input.

1: Can money buy happiness?

On the surface, I don't think that it can. I don't think you can spend your way to happiness. The podcast contains some good thoughts as to why. But in summary, I think you either won't have enough money or enough time to be able to spend your way to happiness.

2: How can I avoid lifestyle creep?

Lifestyle creep is the worst! Trying to avoid it can make you feel like you aren't living life to the fullest. But, if you give into lifestyle creep you can feel like you don't have any money. This is why I think having a written plan is so important. You'll hear me emphasize that a lot in episode 42.

3: How can not having money leaves me unhappy?

I think it can lead to unhappiness in a lot of different ways. Mainly due to the stress that being broke can cause. It can really pile up. It's almost like compound interest, except let's call it compound stress. Things just keep building and building. Eventually, the stress leads you to not go to work. Which leads to less money and more stress.

4: How do you balance happiness and money?

This is a great talking point and a discussion to have with your friends. You might find some interesting insights. I think you balance it by discussing it with others. If you don't know what really makes you happy. How are you going to know what you need to balance? That may lead to you spending money to try to chase happiness. Though you'll never find it because you aren't sure what happiness is for you.

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