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75 Financial Tips to Help Your Wallet

For our 75th episode of Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. My wonderful wife, Rebecca, and I went over 75 financial tips to help you out. Be sure to find your favorite one and go have a money talk about it with someone else! I hope this list helps you out. Please contact me if you have any questions about any of the topics!

  1. Sinking funds are my favorite way to save

  2. Ep 21 - Zero Based Budgeting & Sinking Funds

  3. Ep 3 - Sinking Funds

  4. Budgeting is very important to consider and implement

  5. You can save too much money

  6. A written plan is one of the most important things to have

  7. Ep 6 - A Written Plan

  8. Automation is essential to sticking to a long-term plan

  9. Ep 44 - How To Get Wealthy Automatically

  10. Credit cards are dangerous and not for everyone

  11. Ep 8 - Credit Cards

  12. Credit cards can be a very nice tool

  13. Ep 8 - Credit Cards

  14. Index funds are the way to go

  15. Ep 24 - What are Index Funds

  16. Simple investing is happy investing

  17. Ep 10 - Simple Investing

  18. Look at your money in new ways and try out new ideas

  19. Budgeting gets easier and easier as you go

  20. Ep 29 - A Budget Meeting

  21. It’s essential to work together with money if you’re living with someone

  22. Talking about money is important for everyone

  23. Ep 53 - The Importance of Talking About Money

  24. Create systems for your money

  25. Accountability partners are very helpful

  26. Make sure you are saving for retirement

  27. Don’t try to learn everything all at once

  28. Understand that behavior is a huge thing with money

  29. Emotions play a role with money so don’t plan as if they don’t

  30. Money impacts everyone's life in a lot of ways

  31. Planning goes a long way. With money, meals, transportation, etc…

  32. Ep 56 - The Importance of a Plan

  33. Discouraging salary discussions is a big red flag

  34. Ep 34 - How Much Money Do Other People Make?

  35. The emergency fund is non-negotiable

  36. Ep 17 - The Impact of Emergency Funds

  37. Buy Now Pay Later is an old scam in new clothes that were probably bought with debt

  38. Ep 4 - Buy Now Pay Later

  39. Don’t make decisions immediately when it comes to money

  40. Have a normal regular time to talk about and make decisions around money

  41. The 50/30/20 budget rule can be a great starting point

  42. You don’t have to be debt free to start investing

  43. Being debt free can open up many opportunities

  44. Meal planning can be a huge deal in your health and finances

  45. Ep 50 - Meal Planning and Our Top 5 Slow Coker Meals. Featuring Rebecca Fleming!

  46. Make your goals measurable

  47. Track your expenses

  48. Use an online tool like PC, Mint or YNAB

  49. Go reusable

  50. Don’t get name-brand items

  51. Break up annual expenses into monthly savings

  52. No spend weeks

  53. Smart thermostats

  54. Research well before you buy

  55. The 24-hour rule

  56. Ep 63 - But I REALLY Want to Buy It!

  57. Get a 401K employer match

  58. Save your received gift money

  59. Take advantage of deals and free things

  60. Pay more than the minimum payment on loans

  61. Don’t pay credit card interest

  62. Use credit cards wisely

  63. Don’t go into too much debt

  64. Avoid auto loans

  65. Ep 67 - The Benefits of Not Driving a Car

  66. Use high-yield online savings accounts

  67. Buy larger/in bulk quantities.

  68. Eliminate daily expenses

  69. Use the GasBuddy app to find cheap gas

  70. Drive slower and less aggressive

  71. Shop around for deals

  72. Shop your insurance regularly

  73. Use the library for DVDs and entertainment

  74. Bike more

  75. Find free community events

  76. Assess your childhood experience with saving money

  77. Identify spending triggers

  78. Check your credit report

  79. Keep up on home maintenance. Especially windows

  80. Shop gently-used clothing

  81. Be open and honest about gift-giving expectations

  82. Save for Christmas and Holiday Spending

  83. Ep 3 - Sinking Funds

  84. Get annual checkups at the doctors

  85. Exercise regularly

  86. Cancel recurring subscriptions

  87. Pay attention to work benefits

  88. Don’t save your credit card information everywhere

  89. Use free credit monitoring and ID theft services from banks and CUs

  90. Sign up for free reward programs for the places you frequent

  91. Have a will

  92. HSA can be a great investing tool

  93. Ep 23 - What is an HSA

  94. Take care of your financial life before taking care of others


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