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Ep 30 - How Having an Abundance Mindset Impacts Your Finances

What is an abundance mindset?

An abundance mindset refers to the belief that there is plenty of everything for everybody in the world.

What can an abundance mindset do for you?

It can really unlock a whole new world of freedom of choice. You stop worrying about what others can do to you or how others can help you. Because when you are in this mindset you realize that you can help yourself and that there is enough of whatever in the world for you to be able to do that. This podcast focuses mainly on money and I know that there is certainly enough money to go around for everyone.

1: Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

This question can impact your mindset by forcing you into a mentality where you are always relying on someone else. If you live paycheck to paycheck it can be very hard to think there is enough money to go around. Because you sometimes barely have enough money to make ends meet. The other thing is that this can cause you to worry about the here and now instead of dreaming and working towards a better future. When you are worried about your next paycheck there is no room for you to work on what you want to do

2: What was your living situation growing up?

There are a lot of answers to this question. The story that I tell in the episode is how I noticed we never filled the gas tank full. It was always just a $20 bill for gas, not the whole tank. I don’t know the whole story or my parents' entire financial details. But as a kid, this was something that left a mark on me. This is what led me to want to save money and led me to that kind of mentality. So that whenever I go to the gas pump I want to know that I have enough money to fill up the tank.

I am sure there are ways that your upbringing, especially with money, impacts the way you handle money now. Did your parents make it seem like money doesn’t grow on trees and that there isn’t enough? Did they make it seem like they will never run out of money or that debt is the way to get what you want? I think you can start to see the ways that these things impact your views on money now.

3: Do you feel like the amount you make is limited?

This can impact your mindset by limiting yourself to what you currently make. If you don’t think your ceiling can raise any further then you aren’t going to push yourself and chase your dreams.

4: Do you believe you are only worth as much as your employer gives you?

This is dangerous. You don’t want to put too much value on money but especially on what your employer gives you. You may be underpaid. Which leads to low self-worth. If your value is wrapped up in how much you get paid, seeing others make more can make you think that they are worth more than you. Which isn’t true. But it can impact your ability to see that there is plenty to go around because you don’t feel like you are worth it.

5: Are you afraid to spend money?

If you are afraid this can lead to a scarcity mindset. Where you don’t think there is enough money out there so you have to hoard all that you currently have. You can find yourself not enjoying what you are doing in your work because you feel like you can keep on working to make all the money you can. Don’t be afraid to spend money. If you struggle with spending your money set a specific budget of money that you have to spend on doing fun stuff.

6: Do you feel like you constantly have to save for the next what if?

This can lead to you being scared of the future and having a fear mindset. Fear is crippling and if you live your life in fear you aren’t going to be able to chase the dreams you want to and be able to live the life that you want to.

Thank you to my guest

Thank you Nicki for coming on my podcast. You can connect with her here. You can find her online at and on social media by the same username. I hope you learned something from the episode and this post.

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