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Ep 34 - How Much Money Do Other People Make?

Updated: May 20, 2022

I think talking about pay is extremely important. Let's go over some of today's money talking points and discuss them a little bit further so that you know how you can use them in your conversations.

How much do you make at your job?

I think that this money talking point from today's episode is a great starting point. I think asking this question opens up a world of conversation about knowing whether you're being underpaid or not. Or if you're in a really lucky situation and you're being overpaid. I think this is a great starting question just to ask your best friend. Ask someone that you're close to so you can get comfortable asking about money. I think you'll have a much harder time if you request this to someone that you're not super close with or if you ask your boss or something like that.

Do you feel like there is an unfair wage situation at your job?

This is a really good question to ask yourself. If you feel like there's some sort of unfair wage situation then it can likely be uncovered by asking other people about their pay. Unfair wage situations are hard for everybody because odds are it's not your manager's fault. If you find yourself in a situation like this I would just try to have normal and calm conversations around pay with people around you. When you bring it up to your manager know that it's probably not their decision unless you're at a very high level. They very likely have to report to someone above them who's making this kind of decision that impact you and your co-workers as well. Don't try to gang up on your manager in the situation and just try to have an honest conversation.

Why do you think it is important to talk about wages?

I think this is something you can ask a friend. This will just help you build new viewpoints and ideas on why it's important to talk about your wages. I think it's important to talk about your wages because it opened up a world of conversation as I said in today's episode. It helps you learn how to talk about other things like your retirement and other sorts of savings that you do. And it helps it ultimately all get better with money.

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