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Happiness is More Than Money

In a world that seems to revolve around money, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that material possessions and wealth are the keys to happiness. But the truth is that true happiness lies beyond just spending money. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways you can find happiness in your life that don't require spending a dime.

Cultivate relationships

One of the biggest factors that contribute to happiness is the quality of your relationships with other people. We are social creatures, and our connections with others can bring us a sense of belonging, support, and joy. Whether it's spending time with friends, connecting with family members, or even just striking up a conversation with a stranger, cultivating relationships can help bring happiness into your life.

Consider going to the park with a friend or a family member. Spend some time outdoors without your devices and in an area where you won't be tempted to spend money. Outdoor malls probably aren't a good place to cultivate a relationship because of the pressure to shop and spend money.

Practice gratitude

Another way to find happiness is to focus on gratitude. By intentionally looking for things to be grateful for, we can train our minds to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. Whether it's something as simple as a beautiful sunset or a kind word from a friend, taking the time to appreciate the good things in our lives can bring a sense of joy and contentment.

Ryan mentions this in our podcast episode. He starts out each day with gratitude. Start a gratitude journal and write down what you're thankful for each morning. That can start your day off on the right path.

Engage in activities that bring you happiness

We all have activities that we enjoy doing, whether it's playing a sport, creating art, or playing music. Engaging in these activities can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment to our lives. Even if you don't consider yourself particularly talented at something, simply engaging in an activity that you find enjoyable can bring happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

Make a list of things that you enjoy doing and then that can be your go-to. It can be your safety net if you're feeling particularly unhappy or if you want to spend money to make yourself happier. It's much easier to find something to do when you are prepared with ideas and know in advance what will make you happy.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being present at the moment and paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgment. By practicing mindfulness, you can learn to be more aware of your emotions and how they affect you. This can help you develop a greater sense of self-awareness and can help you find happiness in the present moment.

This again is where parks can come into play. They can be great and much quieter than the hustle and bustle of each day. Take a blanket and go relax in the park and listen to some calming music or to nature. Allowing yourself to disconnect from the stresses of life can be a huge benefit for you when it comes to your happiness day to day.

Connect with nature

Spending time in nature can be a powerful way to find happiness. Whether it's going for a walk in the woods, swimming in a lake, or simply sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine, being in nature can bring a sense of calm and peace. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can also reduce stress and anxiety, which can help promote overall happiness and well-being.

Have I mentioned parks yet? I love parks and I think they are a great asset to the community. So go connect with nature in your local park or go find a good hiking trail or pond to spend some time at.


Helping others can be a powerful way to find happiness. By volunteering your time and talents, you can make a difference in the lives of others and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Whether it's volunteering at a local charity, mentoring a young person, or simply helping a neighbor, there are countless ways to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Practice self-care

Finally, practicing self-care is an essential component of finding happiness. Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally can help you feel better and more energized. This can include things like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and taking time to relax and recharge.

To wrap this up, finding happiness beyond spending money is possible. By cultivating relationships, practicing gratitude, engaging in activities that bring you joy, practicing mindfulness, connecting with nature, volunteering, and practicing self-care, you can find happiness and fulfillment in your life. So take some time to explore these different strategies and find what works for you. You may be surprised at just how much happiness you can find without spending a dime.


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