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Welcome to Money Talk with Skyler Fleming

This is Money Talk with Skyler Fleming and our brand new website. The purpose of this podcast is to get us talking about money so that we can all learn and grow together. Do you often feel like you wish someone would have taught you in school about money or that you don't know what to do with your money?

Well, this is why we need to talk about money more! So that we can all help each other. I have developed over the past few years a love for money and all things personal finance. Some people (my wife) would call me a nerd! But that's why I created Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. So I can tell more people about personal finance and so my wife doesn't have to hear me talk about money 24/7. I want to be able to share what I know and what I love to learn about with you!

I know you probably don't have the time to learn about all the things that go into personal finance. But that is where my podcast comes into play. I hope to be able to give you a broad and general, but sometimes more specific, outline of all the things that go into handling your money. From tactics to behavior and everything in between. This is so that we can get a discussion going among ourselves and others about personal finance.

I hope that the quote "a rising tide lifts all boats" can be what comes from Money Talk with Skyler Fleming. As we begin discussing our successes, failures, and lessons with money we can help lift each other.

Thank you for listening to Money Talk with Skyler Fleming and checking out my new website. You can find Money Talk with Skyler Fleming wherever you find your podcasts.

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